Team of Citigold Experts at your service

We are a global bank offering customized, innovative products and services. But that is not all. There is one word that is of key importance to us, and that is people.

We learn every day that the most valuable relationships in life are based on trust. Therefore, a team of unique experts is at your service at each Citigold branch:

Investment Manager

Investment Manager works closely with your Relationship Manager to better understand your financial goals and help you develop an investment strategy designed to meet your personal goals.

Foreign Exchange Market Expert

Foreign Exchange Market Expert analyses the foreign exchange market and foreign currency fluctuations on an ongoing basis, offering guidance on market situation or currency exchange. Foreign Exchange Market Expert can help you open a Dual-Currency Investment.

Insurance Manager

Insurance Manager works with you to understand your savings and insurance needs. Based on a detailed analysis, Insurance Manager recommends you products that best suits your goals, using specific calculations and examples.

What is more, for your greater convenience, it is now possible to easily find current contact details of your Relationship Manager and individual Experts on Citibank Online.

Citigold – Professional Support of Financial Experts

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