Christmas guide – perfect gift ideas

Something extraordinary. Something unique. Something to show that he/she is the dearest person in the world. The search for Christmas gifts is a challenge we all have to face, sooner or later. That’s why any help is appreciated. We recommend reading our short Christmas gift guide – with tested gift ideas!

When trying to come up with gift ideas, it’s good to think out of the box – we cannot only prepare original presents, but also take advantage of special offers. The further away from the commercial world, the bigger the surprise and satisfaction with the gift. Find out 3 ideas for a perfect gift.

High-end gift with a discount

Moliera2, L’AF, Potis & Verso, S’portofino, Swiss. What do these premium brands have in common? Every one of us certainly would gladly find them under the Christmas tree. They are simply synonymous with prestige, top quality and class. But the best thing is – with the Citi Specials Benefit program, now you can gift them to your loved ones and save some money. They offer up to 10% off. If you’re looking for something different, visit the Citi Specials advent calendar every day to see the discounts at renowned stores or designers. So far, we have revealed only some of the promotional offers. Here are some of them:

  • 15% off Fossil and Michael Kors watches
  • 20% off at SkiTeam
  • additional 10% off outfits from Monnari.

The closer to Christmas it gets, the more discounts there are – every day we open a new door of the Citi Specials advent calendar. Enjoy!

The most valuable thing you can give is your time

Sometimes what brings the most joy is time spent together. Who is this gift for? Certainly for parents and children – for them, every moment with you is worth more than the most expensive watch or the best game. A walk along streets decorated with Christmas lights, baking gingerbread cookies or making Christmas decorations are really great and unforgettable gifts.

And if you want to spend time together in an unusual way, we recommend visiting a spa. A time of getting away from everyday drudgery and chatting together while being accompanied with oils will certainly be a great pleasure. The Citi Specials program offers you a 10% discount to visit Magia Day SPA and even a 20% rebate to New Body Clinic. You can also invite your loved ones to a theatre. With a Citi Handlowy card you will be offered a 10% discount at Capitol and as much as 20% at Studio theatre.

Unforgettable gift

There are also gifts which are remembered for a lifetime. What gifts? These are travels to the most interesting corners of the world during which we go off the hiking trails in search for adventure. It is difficult to organize them on your own but you may seek assistance at It is an exclusive travel agency of Jarosław Kuźniar, offering the most interesting destinations – from Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, through Alaska, Siberia and Himalayas to North Korea, Japan and wild Australia. Apart from unforgettable experiences, Citi Specials guarantees a rebate of up to 10%.

You should only remember to take out insurance before you set off. We recommend two places: Allianz Direct where, with our card, you will gain up to 12% or APRIL Polska with a 15% discount.

When choosing a gift, have one thing in mind. What really counts is you and your personal commitment and kindliness. Positive emotions are simply the most valuable thing.. but fine styling, spa or a trip to Colombia will not bring harm.

by Joanna Grabowska
Partnership Programs, Digital Marketing Team , Citi Handlowy

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