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Welcome to the
Citi Specials Benefits Program

Access a world of benefit with your Citi card.
Discounts, rewards, surprises. All in one place.

Citi Specials - Benefit Program

Let yourself feel a bit more special.
Hot deals, rewards, surprises. Now all this in one place.

What is Citi Specials?

Citi Specials is a benefit program created to make every Citi Handlowy client feel a bit more special. Now all the benefits such as discounts, rewards, promotional offers and surprises will be waiting for you in one place. Citi Specials comes with shopping discounts, special travel deals, restaurant discounts and many, many more!

First of all – up to 50% discounts

Citi Specials comes with up to 50% discounts prepared in cooperation with nearly 300 partners, available at more than 5,000 in-store and online merchants.

Step 1

Search for the discount at the Citi Specials website and check whether your card makes you eligible for the discount.

Step 2

For in-store purchases – tell the seller that you would like to take advantage of the discount paying with the Citi Handlowy card.

Step 3

For online purchases – enter the discount code provided in the description of the selected offer.

Step 4

Pay with the Citi Handlowy card and enjoy the discount!

Please remember to read the full description of the offer before you take advantage of it.

Second of all – rewards

As part of the Citi Specials Benefit Program, you get access to a free point Mastercard® Priceless® Specials program where you can earn points for the transactions. You can redeem the points for great rewards, vouchers and movie tickets.

Are you a holder of a card that enables you to earn points, e.g. MasterCard, PremierMiles or BP – in Citi Specials you will find more information about it – log in and redeem your points for rewards!

Third of all – surprises and special offers

Pay with a Citi Handlowy card and look for additional special offers and surprises. Information about the benefits will be always available at this website or in your inbox

How does Citi Specials work?

Visit the program website for all the additional benefits available for you: hot deals, rewards, promotional offers and surprises – now all in one place for your greater convenience. Citi Specials offers special benefits in 7 categories and thanks to an easy browser it will always help you find the discounts best matched to your preferences, card type or place of living. To use the new Priceless Specials points program, first register in the program.