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Dobre Wina are the stores which offer attractive prices, large selection of wines, whisky and other alcohols. They import the best tastes for their customers. The company organizes its own import by cooperating with more than 40 suppliers and distributors of wine and delicacies. It also offers delivery of products to homes and offices, organizes tasting and prepares holiday and special occasion presents. When shopping for more than PLN 300 and PLN 600 the customers will receive a 3% and 5% discount respectively for wines for which there is no promotion, calculated from the club prices applied to persons being members of the dobrewina.pl club and others receive up to 30% discount for wines with regular prices. In order to use the discount you just have to pay with Citi Handlowy card or, in case of ordering with a delivery, indicate payment with Citi Handlowy. 

While asking for the bill inform the restaurant staff that you want to pay with your Citi card in order to take advantage of the discount.

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Mail: radoslaw.kulik@dobrewina.pl Call: +48 664 159 023
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Citigold Private Client


Invite friends to a dinner – pay with your credit card and convert transactions into convenient installments. (RRSO: 8.30%)

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Locations list

dobrewina.plCracowKrólowej Jadwigi 146a
dobrewina.plWarsawMagiczna 6 lok. 7
dobrewina.plWarsawMickiewicza 30
dobrewina.plWarsawWyczółki 46
dobrewina.plWarsawNowoursynowska 130
dobrewina.plBielsko - BiałaGazownicza 1
dobrewina.plKielceŚw. Leonarda 1b
dobrewina.plKielceŚciegiennego 28
dobrewina.plPruszkówPromyka 42
dobrewina.plPruszkówPrusa 47
dobrewina.plWarsawWróbla 2 lok. 1
dobrewina.plTychyDarwina 15