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Menu Motto

Menu Motto

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DREAMS COMING TRUE At the Menu Motto, we serve mainly the Polish cuisine, bursting with passion and soul hidden within. Each time, the taste of our dishes is somehow discovered anew and dusty old classics are brought back to life again.

MENU A'LA CARTE Our menu, based on the Polish cuisine, yet bravely refreshed and sophisticated, is kind of a tribute to the homeland (especially Wrocław) cuisine. In a nutshell, we might say it's like all the favours of Lower Silesia mixed with aromas and spices of the world. If you want your meal to taste even more vivid, enrich it with the craft beer and some carefully selected wine.

MODERN LOOK You'll find here both the traditional veal cutlet, broth with home-made noodles and duck as well as more exalted, fancy dishes of the Polish and our signature cuisine, made from local products, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Our Chef de la Cuisine, Beata Śniechowska - winner of the 2nd MasterChef edition and author of many cookbooks - takes care of everything in person.

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Call: +48 71 71 59 130

The discounts are available of you pay with the following cards

Citigold Private Client
Business Debit
Citi Simplicity
Citi Priority
BP Payback Silver
Citibank World Mastercard
BP Payback Gold

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WrocławHubska 54

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