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Na Bałkany

Na Bałkany

up to 15 %

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Our culinary journey began 11 years ago. Rafal Grabowski made the first step and opened a Balkan restaurant MAŁY BELGRAD to which this day is still very popular amongst regular guests. Even though it’s not a big restaurant, it’s well known for its big servings of always fresh and delicious Balkan traditional favourites: pljeskavica, cevapcici and shashliks. And the journey continues… The next idea came along after almost a decade of lengthy and “foody” talks with Viola Stanislawska who, like Rafał is also passionateabout good food. Many years ago, Viola worked in gastronomy in Australia and Japan and after living and working in Warsaw for 20 years decided to make a come-back to her culinary passion. And that’s how Rafal’s third restaurant and Viola’s first restaurant was born. Our idea was to create something unique and exciting (not just another traditional Balkan restaurant). Making the most of the richness of traditional Balkan cuisine we decided to give it a contemporary twist by introducing elements of modern and international cuisine. Our Chef uses innovative culinary techniques and together with a modern plating style creates a surprising and delicious taste experience. By introducing a modern take on well-known Balkan delicacies we are proud to serve you cuisine that is full of finesse and far from the traditional “heavy” Balkan experience. Apart from tantalizing your taste buds with our great food we also have a greatselection of wines from the Balkans and from around the world and a deliciousselection of Balkan rakijas and liqueurs. Welcome to NA BAŁKANY and we wish you a great experience and delicious memories :) Viola i Rafał

While asking for the bill inform the restaurant staff that you want to pay with your Citi card in order to take advantage of the discount.

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Mail: restauracja@nabalkany.pl Call: 22 118 38 38
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The discounts are available of you pay with the following cards

Citigold Private Client
Citi Simplicity
Citibank World Mastercard
Citibank - BP Motokarta
Citi Priority
BP Payback Silver
BP Payback Gold
Business Debit

Locations list

Na Bałkany

ul. Koszykowa 47



Invite friends to a dinner – pay with your credit card and convert transactions into convenient installments. (RRSO: 8.30%)

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