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Z. Robak

Z. Robak

15 %

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Our mission is to offer the best and most modern solutions in the field of optics. Our salons are the only salons in Warsaw equipped with unique, modern measuring panels. We issue certificates with all parameters and a two-year warranty for glasses made in our salons. Inform the seller that you want to take advantage of the discount by paying with the Citibank card.


The discounts are available of you pay with the following cards

Citi Simplicity
BP Payback Silver
Citibank World Mastercard
BP Payback Gold

Locations list

Warsawul. Wołoska 52
Warsawul. Marszałkowska 87
WarsawPl. Trzech Krzyży wejście (od ul.Książęcej)
Warsawul. Wałbrzyska 11

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