Desa Unicum

DESA Unicum is an art market leader in Poland. It is the biggest and the oldest auction house in Poland, which also has 4 galleries in Warsaw, organises various exhibitions and is a known art consulting firm.

DESA Unicum deals with all kinds of art: ancient, post-war, and contemporary art, antiques and jewellery. In 2011, DESA Unicum held 28 auctions and sold over 4,000 artworks by over 700 artists.

Upon presenting a Citigold Private Client debit card, Customers can benefit from:

  • professional assistance in the art market:
    • individual expert consultations
    • free-of-charge expert analyses of the art market
  • attractive discounts:
    • a free-of-charge, single, comprehensive evaluation and 30 free-of-charge simplified evaluations,
    • a 50% discount for purchasing auction catalogues,
    • a 30% discount for cataloguing services for artworks and collections,
    • a 10% discount toward the purchase of pigment prints.


Should you require professional tax advisory services, we recommend consultations with specialists from Deloitte. The Deloitte Tax Department provides services in areas including:

  • personal income tax,
  • social insurance,
  • tax implications related to the acquisition of assets in different countries,
  • provisions of double taxation conventions, etc.
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