Multiple Currency Bank Accounts

  • multiple currency bank accounts in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF
  • free of charge
  • possibility to you’re your debit card to your eligible account
  • payments abroad with no currency conversion charges – you only need to link your debit card to your eligible account in a foreign currency
  • CGT (Citi Global Transfer) transfers between Citi accounts abroad and Citi Handlowy accounts in Poland processed immediately after the transfer has been set up

Currency Exchange

  • attractive exchange rates that can be negotiated with dealers (for amounts starting from USD 20,000)
  • currency exchange rates updated over 24 hours according to current market exchange rates (during working days for amounts staring from USD 10,000)
  • possibility to order a currency exchange with future date and at a specific rate (the order will be process upon the exchange rate reaches the level indicated by the client)


  • Dual Currency Investments available Online, via phone taken by a dedicated FX market specialists or at one of our branches
  • foreign funds
  • Unit-linked insurance with investments in EUR and USD
  • access to structured products connected with assets from different markets from all over the world
  • different time deposits periods
  • access to both Polish and foreign countries government bonds as well as to corporate bonds issued by foreign organizations

Citi Enhanced Services for Travelers

Planning a trip to Paris, New York or Singapore? Citi enhanced services will make your travel a convenient and safety experience.

Fee-free Cash Withdrawals

Fee-free cash withdrawals from any ATM worldwide (applies to the Citi Handlowy fees).

Help in Emergency Situations

Emergency Cash Withdrawal in case your wallet or cards get lost or stolen.

“World Without Borders” Convenient Travel Insurance Available Online

Free of Charge Insurance for Citibank Personal Account Holders Who Have Citigold Select Debit Card (or a family member of theirs has it).

Learn more

Control Over Your Expenses and Unlimited Access to Banking Services

  • SMS or e-mail notifications about your balance and executed transactions Learn more
  • 24/7 Access to Banking Services from your Mobile Learn more

To be able to enjoy the full experience of your Citigold relationship, you should maintain a monthly balance across your deposit and investment accounts held with us of a minimum of PLN 400,000.

The Investment Advisory is provided by the Bank only to those individuals who have entered into separate agreements for such services. The Investment Advisory service is provided by the bank only to units and shares in open investment funds for which the bank provides services regarding the acceptance of and passing on orders for purchase or sale (excluding the Regular Investment Plans and the Individual Pension Account).

Investment products offered by the Bank are not guaranteed by the State Treasury, the Bank Guarantee Fund (except for amounts receivable from Bank securities and dual currency investments covered by the statutory guarantee system pursuant to the Bank Guarantee Fund Act of December 14, 1994), nor by any other governmental institutions.

Investment products carry investment risk, including the possibility of loss of the invested capital. The past performance of investment funds, investment portfolios and the levels of stock market indices and foreign exchange rates as well as insurance capital funds, which affect returns on investment, are no guarantee of their future profits. Insurance and investment products are not a deposit, an obligation of and are not guaranteed/ underwritten by the Bank, nor by any of the subsidiaries or affiliates of Citigroup, except for those investment products that are issued or guaranteed/ underwritten by the Bank or a subsidiary or an affiliate of Citigroup. For investment products, capital protection and/or an interest guarantee scheme, if applicable, is the responsibility of the issuer of a given investment product.

Investment products are available only to the Citibank account holders and are not available to the U.S. citizens. The Dual Currency investment carries currency risk that results from the currency fluctuations. There is a risk that when exchanging your Investment Amount a currency exchange rate applied will be worse than the market rate and you will obtain the amount that will be lower than the Investment Amount. The bank does not provide the legal or tax advisory for its clients.

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