Pay for your purchases and withdraw cash overseas

using your card with no currency charges – just link your debit card to your eligible currency in EUR, USD or GBP,


Withdraw cash from any ATM overseas with no Citi Handlowy fee

you don’t have to look for a Citi ATM or worry about additional costs.

loan repayment in chf

You can make free of charge payments in CHF towards your loan in Citibank Online Electronic Banking Service if you are a Citi Priority, Citigold or Citigold Private Client account holder.

Are you planning a trip abroad? Link your debit card to a Free-fee currency account maintenance and see how easy it is to pay with the card in the Eurozone countries, UK, U.S. or any other country across the globe!

Linking your debit card to a currency account:

  • Possibility of linking a debit card to an account in EUR, GBP, USD
  • Payments in EUR, GBP, USD without foreign currency conversion (cash withdrawals from ATM's, payments at commercial points of sale, online payments)
  • No commission fee for ATM cash withdrawals worldwide

This is an ideal solution for those who:

  • Want to enjoy the convenience of paying with a card linked to their account
  • Put safety first – in case of theft, you don’t lose cash
  • Prefer to use a card instead of fumbling through their wallet


When you get back from your trip, don’t forget to link your card to your PLN account again. You can do it on your own through Citibank Online Electronic Banking Service. Your card will not be automatically switched to your PLN account.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

When withdrawing cash or making a card payment abroad (also online), you can use the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service offered by selected merchants and ATMs. This service allows you to pay using the currency of your country instead of the local currency (for Citi Handlowy cards the currency of your country is PLN).

This means that upon maing the payment you are informed of the transaction amount in PLN and of the local currency exchange rate. Please note that using the DCC service may be unfavorable to a Citi Handlowy client (debit card holder) in the event when as part of the DCC service the transaction will be made using the PLN card linked to your foreign currency account (the so called double currency conversion). The transaction amount will be first converted to PLN using the settling agent’s (DCC) foreign currency exchange rate and then it will be converted from PLN to the currency of the account to which your debit card was linked upon making the transaction (using the exchange rate stated in the latest Citi Handlowy Table of Foreign Currency Exchange Rates as of the day of clearing the transaction).

DCC is not offered by Citi Handlowy and is optional.

Important! The amount of authorized transaction may differ from the amount of transaction and from the amount posted on your account.

Free of charge service that lets you transfer funds instantly from your Citi Handlowy account to other Citi accounts overseas:

money is available to use in the recipient’s accounts immediately after it has been sent
recipient doesn’t pay anything for the received money
now you can send up to 50,000 in PLN or currency equivalent via Citibank Online Electronic Banking Service free of charge
CGT are available in more than 15 countries worldwide

If you transfer funds between accounts in two different currencies, you will be informed of the currency exchange rate to be applied before you submit the transfer order for completion.

This service lets you withdraw cash from your account in any Citi branch worldwide in the event when you lose your cash and cards while abroad.

The cash will be paid out to you in the local currency after you present your valid passport. You can withdraw no more than an equivalent of USD 1,000 (or USD 10,000 for Citigold and Citigold Private Client) – and the cash will be paid out from any of your Citi Handlowy accounts provided that there are sufficient funds in the account.

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