Debit Mastercard with Citi Handlowy

Debit card

Debit card lets you pay for your purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs but also offers you a number of additional benefits.

Our debit card will make your shopping experience even more enjoyable:

you can make quick and convenient payments for your purchases at all types of merchants, including online stores
you can make contactless payments and you don’t need to enter your PIN for transactions up to PLN 50 (maximum of 4 transactions per day for a total amount of PLN 200)
you can withdraw cash from any ATM and using Citi Handlowy and Euronet ATMs you can deposit cash into your account,
you can make deposits and withdrawals in EUR and USD to/from your account with Citi Handlowy using our Bank’s foreign currency ATMs,
you can also withdraw cash from more than 20,000 points marked with MasterCard/Maestro Cash back logo – stores, restaurants, filling stations (up to PLN 300 at one time),
you can make EUR, USD or GBP payments overseas with no currency conversion costs – just link your debit card to your eligible foreign currency account.
discounts, rewards, surprises with Citi Specials Benefit Program,
Internet transactions are additionally secured by 3D Secure codes.
Mastercard Debit for Unlimited Shopping

Contactless sticker

Are you already a Citi Handlowy cardholder? Now you can enjoy an additional fee-free debit card in the form of a contactless sticker.

You don’t need to carry cash or card with you –what you need is only your mobile device on which you put your contactless sticker (e.g. mobile phone).
You don’t have to worry about fishing through your wallet.
You don’t need to wait for change.
You don’t need to enter your PIN for purchases under PLN 50.
Secure encryption technology makes your contactless sticker as safe as your Citibank card.
Contactless sticker is issued free of charge.

To order your Contactless sticker, visit us in branch or send us a message via Citibank Online.

You can deposit cash into your account quickly and easily using Citi Handlowy ATMs and Euronet Cash Deposit Machines.

Microchip embedded into your debit card provides enhanced security of your transactions.
Thanks to a special security mechanism it is not possible to double a transaction or copy the card’s details that would allow for any unauthorized use.
When you are making a contactless payment, the card activates only for a split second when it receives a clear signal from the terminal and it works only within up to 5 cm from the reader. It is not possible to capture information transmitted this way.

Please note that you can switch off the contactless payment option on your debit card. To do this, you only need to log on to Citibank Online and fill out the form available in the ‘Contact us’ section.

Citi Specials - Benefit program

Discounts, rewards, surprises – this is what is waiting for you in Citi Specials.
Let yourself feel a bit more special with Citi Specials – Benefit Program that comes with all the priviledges available with your card:

Up to 50% discounts

Enjoy up to 50% discounts with nearly 300 partners at almost 5,000 in-store and online merchants.

Rewards for transactions

Pay with your MasterCard, earn points and redeem them for rewards (a new program coming soon).

Surprises and special offers

Keep checking limited offers and surprises at the www or in your inbox.

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Google Pay

All you need now is your phone.

Add your Citi Handlowy Mastercard® card to the Google Pay app and shop with your phone:

  • contactlessly - the same way as you shop with your plastic card
  • online, wherever you see the “Pay with Google Pay” icon.
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