Instant cash

Funds borrowed from your credit card limit can be on your Citi Handlowy account in an instant.

Convenient Installments

Is up to you to choose the amount you would like to borrow (from min PLN 500 to up to your available credit card limit) and in how many installment payments you would like to repay it.

Long Lending Period

You can match the number of installment payments to your possibilities. The repayment can be spread in up to 60 monthly installments!

No formalities

No income statement required.

To borrow from your credit card limit:

  • log in to Citibank Online- electronic banking service;
  • click on the offer banner in Products and Benefits tab;
  • select the amount, number of installments and a current account number on which you would like to receive the funds to;
  • read costs related information and accept.


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