Why is it worth to use this service?

  • You only pay interest on the split transactions, no additional payments.
  • You adjust a number of installments and their amount as you need.
  • No income certificate or other formalities required.
  • In Citibank Online you split your transactions into installments whenever you want.

How does it work?

Split your transaction into installments following these four simple steps:

  • Click here and Log into Citibank Online, you will be taken to a screen highlighting all transaction eligible to split into installments.
  • Click "Pay by Installments" to choose a transaction you wish to split into installments.
  • You can then set the tenor and view the payment schedule. You can also see the details of the interest incurred and the monthly repayment amount.
  • Click on Confirm, accept the information on the Summary screen and you are done!

Additional Information

Transactions exceeding PLN 100 made with the use of Citibank Credit Card may also be split into installments over CitiPhone.

  • Call CitiPhone (19009)
  • Choose a transaction you wish to split into installments.
  • Adjust a number of installments as you require, you can even choose 60 installments!
  • Our advisor will inform you about interest rates.

Make your own financial decisions.


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