How to earn points?

1 points

For each PLN 5 get 1 point

For Citibank MasterCard World Credit Card payments

2 points

For each PLN 5 get 2 points

For credit card payments with the partners in Poland


Get 1000 welcome points

for the first transaction.

Partnerzy programu

Dokonując transakcji Kartą Kredytową Citibank World MasterCard® masz prawo do rabatów u Partnerów:

10% discount

10% discount on H&M purchases (no matter how many items you buy).

In order for the discount to be applied, you need to register as the H&M Club member (use the H&M app in App Store or Google Play; once installed, click the H&M Club tab) and show you are eligible for the offer available in the app when paying for the in-store purchase using a Citi Handlowy card.

The current 25% off offer on the second item of lesser value is valid till March 31, 2017.

The above offers cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts or sales and are valid for H&M in-store purchases across Poland only.

10% discount

In all Multikino movie theatres across Poland, you are entitled to:

  • 10% discount on movie tickets (a maximum of 5 tickets at one time),
  • 10% discount on event tickets (a maximum of 5 tickets at one time),
  • 10% on purchases at Multikino snack bars.

PLN 20 voucher

You are entitled to a voucher for your next shopping at Douglas perfume stores across Poland. For each PLN 250 spent with the card, You get a PLN 20 voucher for next shopping at Douglas.

Top up in PLAY

In order to top up your account, follow the instructions below:

  • Select *100* on your keypad
  • Enter your activation code: xxxx xxx xxx xxxx (received in a text message) and select #
  • Confirm the operation in the same way you confirm a phone number when making a call

In order to receive your Play Starter, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Play online store
  • Select the Starter which you can buy with the code you received
  • Enter the code in the appropriate box in the order form
  • After you enter the code, the price of the Starter will be changed to PLN 1, and the delivery cost to PLN 0.

Up to 5% discount

How to get discount?

  • On the purchase summary page, select the discount code option.
  • After selecting „Activate your promotional code here” a box will appear where you should enter the code – the 6 first digits of your Citibank World MasterCard credit card number.
  • Once the code has been activated, the discount will be applied to the prices.
  • Choose „credit card” as the payment form and use your Citibank World MasterCard credit card to make the payment.

Extra drink or dessert

Oferta specjalna dla posiadaczy karty

Przy zamówieniu za min. 20 zł i płatności kartą, gorący napój lub deser gratis. Pamiętaj, poinformuj kelnera o chęci skorzystania z oferty przed dokonaniem płatności.

Oferta produktów

Przygotowana specjalnie dla posiadaczy Karty Kredytowej Citibank World MasterCard oferta produktów firmy Samsung. Sprawdź na dedykowanej stronie internetowej Logując się wpisz 6 pierwszych cyfr numeru Twojej karty kredytowej oraz zapłać za zakupy Kartą Kredytową Citibank World Mastercard.

Za zakupy w sklepieżesz też zapłacić voucherem elektronicznym (nagroda w Katalog Nagród).

Remember! Before making a payment inform the salesman on the willingness to benefit from the offer for the card owners.

Reward Calculator

Enter your monthly spending at individual partners. For each PLN 5 spent with the credit card at the partner, you get 2 points. The score also includes the welcome points for the first transaction worth 1,000 points.

Monthly spend at Partners:

Other monthly sending:

Totally monthly spend:


You earned
points during 12 months

Reward Catalogue

Choose your favorite category and reward yourself.

Choose the range of points for finding rewards:



Or sort out vouchers by

2D movie voucher
3D movie voucher
Medium popcorn and medium drink voucher
Medium nachos and medium drink voucher
PLN 10 Play top-up
PLN 30 Play top-up
PLN 50 Play top-up
PLN 10 voucher on Douglas purchases
PLN 20 voucher on Douglas purchases
PLN 50 voucher on Douglas purchases
PLN 100 voucher on Douglas purchases
PLN 10 voucher on H&M purchases
PLN 20 voucher on H&M purchases
PLN 50 voucher on H&M purchases
PLN 100 voucher on H&M purchases
PLN 10 voucher on purchases
PLN 20 voucher on purchases
PLN 50 voucher on purchases
PLN 100 voucher on purchases
PLN 50 voucher
PLN 100 voucher
PLN 200 voucher
PLN 250 voucher
PLN 25 voucher
PLN 50 voucher
PLN 100 voucher
PLN 50 cash back into your account
PLN 100 cash back into your account
Monthly fee – one-time primary card monthly fee exemption

Secure transaction

Learn about the solutions that provide enhanced security of your credit card transactions.

3D Security

Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code – additional security for your online transactions. In order to authenticate your online purchases, you will be asked to enter the code that will be sent to your mobile phone.

EMV Chip

Citibank Credit Cards are microchip embedded cards. Your transactions at merchants are authorized by entering your unique PIN.


CitiAlerts help you stay in full control of your accounts thanks to SMS or e-mail updates.

Additional Protection

Insurance for credit card holders in unexpected life situations related to travel and shopping.

72 H

In the event of your card’s loss, the Bank takes responsibility for the transactions made without your knowledge and PIN up to 72 h before you report your card’s loss.

Suspicious Transactions

Suspicious transaction system – created and applied only by the Bank protects against unauthorized use of your card.


If you paid with your credit card for the service that was not delivered (e.g. a trip), you can report this fact to us and we can initiate the chargeback proceedings on your behalf.

Fees and chargese World MasterCard
Monthly fee of card’s use PLN 18, RRSO 15,72% (PLN 0 if the monthly transaction exceed the amount of PLN 4000)
PayPass sticker monthly fee PLN 0
Non-cash transactions fee PLN 0
Fee for paying your bills with your credit card PLN 0
Fee for access to your credit card via Citibank Online, Citi Mobile PLN 0
Over-limit fee PLN 0
Mandatory credit card insurance No


Representative example for Citibank World MasterCard Credit Card:

Effective interest rate (EIR) of 15.72% p.a. with assumption: total loan amount of PLN 8200; total amount to be repaid 8866.92, variable nominal interest of 10% p.a.; total cost of credit amounting to PLN 666.92, (including an annual fee of PLN 216 for the main card issuing and usage and interests in the amount of PLN 450.92); 12 monthly installments in the amount of PLN 738.91 - as of 01/03/2017.

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