Find out how you can open a promotional deposit 2.2% for 12 months for new funds in USD

How to open a promotional deposit from USD 500 to USD 500 000 for new funds?

  1. Transfer new funds to your FX sub-account in USD. If you do not have a sub-account in USD yet, you can open it in just a few minutes via the Citibank Online e-banking service.
  2. Contact your RM or visit a Citi Handlowy branch to open a promotional deposit.
  3. The offer allows you to open more than one deposit.
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Offer details

The deposit can be opened for new funds only.
Funds on the deposit are covered by the guarantee of the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) pursuant to the Act on the Bank Guarantee Fund.
New funds shall mean a positive difference between the daily balance on the following accounts of the client maintained by the Bank in USD, for which the client is the main holder: Personal Account in USD, Savings Account in USD, SuperSavings Account in USD, Term deposits in USD (excluding deposits for new funds opened under this offer) and Dual-currency investments with USD as the base currency on the day when the Deposit is opened, and the daily balance on these accounts as of May 31, 2019. If the customer was not the main holder of the Personal Account before May 31, 2019 and opened the account at later time, the new funds is the sum of the funds debited into the above accounts as at the day of opening the time deposit.


Important Information

The Offer “2.2% on a Term Deposit for 12 months for New Asset in USD” is valid until August 30, 2019. The Bank may introduce offers on the same or similar terms and conditions in the future. More details on the offer, including the conditions of receiving rewards, are available in the terms and conditions at the Bank branches and on the website Detailed information on fees and commissions for FX accounts is available in the Fees and Commissions Table: Accounts and Credit Line for Individual Clients on A Personal Account is a payment account. The material is not an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code.

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