Convert your credit card limit into a cash without having to log on to Citibank Online

How cash transfer from your credit card limit works without the need to log in to Citibank Online?

Step 1

You will be sent a text message with the safe link to the offer that will start with:

Step 2

Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the safe, personalized page.

Step 3

You choose the amount that you want to receive into your account and the number of installments.

Step 4

You can find out more about the offer, including the costs.

Step 5

You select the account (your own account or defined payee) into which you want to transfer the cash.

Step 6

You will receive the one time password that will be sent to your phone number registered in our system.

Step 7

You will enter the one time password, confirm the details and approve.


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