Citi Specials

Amazing December with 24 discounts in Citi Specials Advent Calendar

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Take advantage of the 0% EIR installments for unique XIAOMI products

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Account for PLN 0. The real PLN 0.!

Check out how to earn up to 4% on currency exchange with a new Citi Priority Digital Account for PLN 0!


Citibank Credit Cards

Up to PLN 2000 Loan on Card EIR 0% for a year with Citi Simplicity card.

Check how to have a magical Christmas time with your loved ones.

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Offer for new Citibank Credit Card Clients, until 21.05.2019. Your credit card approval is subject to a positive credit check.

Citi Priority Account


Check how to get PLN 150 with a Citi Priority account!
Digital account for a real PLN 0 with the Priceless Specials program.

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Offer is valid till 31.12.2018 for new clients.


Check how to pay one, smaller installment payment instead of many.

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EIR: 9,30%

Borrow from credit card limit

Self-service with no income documents required

Offer for Citibank Credit Card owners

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Credit card

This is Kasia. Kasia knows how to save money. Be like Kasia!

Move your outstanding balance to your Citi Simplicity card and save.

Effective Interest Rate 0% for one year.

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Offer valid until 21.05.2019. Your credit card approval is subject to a positive credit check.


Winner of the "Best 2018 Digital Bank" according to Global Finance


With Citi Priority Account you can earn

2,5% Saving account p.a.
Up to 100 000 PLN!

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Offer available for the 1000 users who did not have Personal or Savings Account with the Bank from January 1, 2017 to the opening of the account under the offer. Offer valid till December 31, 2018 and may be repeated in the future.

Safe Banking

Safe Online Banking Quiz

When using online banking do you always make sure that the page you are visiting is legitimate and your connection is secure? Do you know what you should pay attention to when logging into a transactional platform? Take our interactive quiz and check your safe online banking knowledge. Enjoy!

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Bank safely at Citi Handlowy

To inform you better about ways of staying safe and potential threats while banking, our Safe Banking section has been redesigned. Stay one step ahead and learn everything you need to know about safe banking!

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Open a new Citi Priority account and check how you can earn 2.5% on a savings account for 6 months, up to PLN 100 000 Check details

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