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3 ready coverage variants
Payout of up to PLN 200,000 in case of serious illness
9 illnesses subject to coverage, i.e. malignant tumour, heart attack, stroke, heart bypass surgery, kidney malfunction, organ transplant, loss of speech/sight/hearing
No additional medical examination required
Age of the Insured 18-55 (before 55) years
Amount of the benefit and the premium vary depending on the selected variant
Fixed amount of premium for an individual variant during the insurance term
Insurance contract for the period of 5 years with the fixed price guarantee during the contract period
Possibility to quickly report the incident online and payout of the insurance benefit within 30 days
A contract of insurance shall be concluded for a five-year period of insurance and may be extended for any number of such five-year periods of insurance provided that the policyholder is not older than 55 years of age on the day the contract is extended.
The Insurer’s responsibility begins on the day indicated in the insurance policy as the beginning of the insurance period if the premium was paid in the amount defined in the insurance application on the day of signing the insurance application.
The insurance coverage is limited during the period of 90 days from the beginning of WARTA’s responsibility. During that time WARTA provides insurance coverage only in respect of the following serious illnesses: loss of speech, loss of sight, loss of hearing resulting from an accident.
The insurance policy which confirms that the insurance contract has been signed is given to you by our consultant. The document contains all necessary information such as the date of signing the contract, insurance policy number, the sum insured, and the amount of insurance premium.
It is possible to submit an instruction to issue a policy copy at any time, e.g. by phone, by contacting WARTA at: +48 502 308 308 (calls paid as per rates offered by your operator).
During the term of the insurance contract, it is possible to submit an instruction indicating an authorized person, to whom the benefit will be paid in the event of death of the insured person – the form is available online at: or on the webpages of the Bank.
In case of an event covered by the insurance, you need to submit an application for benefit payment. The form is available online at: or on the webpages of the Bank.
In the event of an illness covered by the insurance, the specified benefit amount is paid from the insurance policy. The amount depends on the chosen insurance variant and the age of the person signing the insurance contract.

Wariant I Wariant II Wariant III
Age upon signing the contract: Payout of the benefit in case of serious illness
(malignant tumour, heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery, kidney malfunction, organt transplant, loss of speech/sight/hearing)
18 - 35 PLN 100,000 PLN 150,000 PLN 200,000
36 - 45 PLN 50,000 PLN 75,000 PLN 100,000
46 - 55 PLN 20,000 PLN 30,000 PLN 40,000
monthly premium PLN 39.00 PLN 59.00 PLN 79.00

In each variant of the insurance there is also a PLN 1,000 benefit paid in the event of death of the insured person.

Important information

  • WARTA Your Health Plus is an individual life insurance of TUnŻ “WARTA” S.A. All the product details and the full list of exclusions of the Insurer’s liability are included in the General Terms of Insurance – Individual life insurance WARTA Twoje Zdrowie Plus available online at: or, and at the branches of the Bank.
  • The Bank acts as an insurance agent carrying out agency activities on behalf of Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie “WARTA” S.A., and is entered in the register of insurance agents maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. A Client may check the Bank’s entry in the above register by submitting an appropriate request to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, especially in writing or by telephone. The Bank represents several Insurers – and will provide additional details upon a Client’s request. The scope of the Bank’s responsibilities includes, in particular, informing the Policyholders of the insurance terms and conditions and of the rules of conclusion of the Contract.
  • In the sales and whole life insurance service processes, the Bank applies the principles provided for in the “Recommendation of Good Practices in the Polish Bancassurance Market for Whole Life Insurance Policies Linked with Bank Products” issued by the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) together with the Polish Insurance Association (PIU).
  • Information on the rescission or termination of the insurance contract, enquiries and complaints, benefit payments as well as limitations and exclusions of liability is included in the Product Sheet and the General Terms and Conditions of the individual life insurance “WARTA Twoje Zdrowie Plus”, which are available and provided by the bank's representative at the branch before the conclusion of the insurance contract.
  • The material is distributed for marketing purposes and is not an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code.

Important documents

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