Lower processing fees

Lower processing fees than when buying the funds outside of the plan.

Freedom in choosing an investment option

Freedom in choosing the option that will best suit your expectations, financial capabilities, risk tolerance and investment term: 5, 10, 15 or 30 years.

Flexible payments

You can make the payments at any time you want by transfer from your current account.

Funds withdrawal

You can suspend the payments or withdraw the accumulated funds at any time you want with no processing fees charged.

Upon joining the Esaliens Saving Plans you declare an amount that you would like to invest over a certain period of time.
It’s you who decide how often and how much you will invest as part of the Esaliens Saving Plans – the minimum declared monthly amount is PLN 150 for 30-year plans, PLN 200 for 10-15-years plans and PLN 300 for 5-year plans.
You can withdraw your payments partially or in full any time with no liquidation fees.
The first payment under the Esaliens Saving Plans shall be equivalent to the initial payment, increased by PLN 100.
You can choose the Esaliens Saving Plan with one of the following six Esaliens funds:
  • Esaliens Equity Subfund
  • Esaliens Senior FIO
  • Esaliens Bond Subfund
  • Esaliens US Aggressive Growth
  • Esaliens Asia Equity
  • Esaliens Global Fixed Income Multi Strategy
You can also open the Esaliens Saving Plans for your child:
  • Cards for payments. For all Esaliens Saving Plans opened for children, you will receive a card with your personal details via mail that will help you make the payments for your child. The cards can be given to your family or friends – all the family can be involved in securing the child’s future.
  • Payment Certificate. The payments made into your child’s Esaliens Saving Plan won’t be anonymous! The parent of the child will receive a payment certificate after each payment.
Each individual, married couples or persons not related to each other who want to invest together may join Esaliens Saving Plan.
You can make additional payments under your Esaliens Saving Plan any time and in any amount (one single payment cannot be lower than minimum declared monthly amount) from your personal account.

Important information

Investment products are available solely for holders of Citibank Personal Account. Investing in investment funds is not an obligation nor is it guaranteed by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. or by any of Citigroup subsidiaries or affiliates. The fund participation units are not a bank deposit. Investments in the funds participation units are not guaranteed by the State Treasury, the Bank Guarantee Fund nor by any other government institution. The investment products bear investment risk, including the possibility of losing invested capital. The past performance of investment funds, stock market indices and foreign exchange rates, which affect return on investment, is no guarantee of their future profits. Before taking any investment decision, customer should read the information prospectus of the fund that includes information concerning profitability of the investment and the existing risks. Policy of order completion has been described in relevant statutes of the Funds. Informative fund prospectuses are available in Citi Handlowy branches and on www.citihandlowy.pl.

The Bank provides the investment advisory services regarding the investment funds (excluding the regular investment plans and individual pension account pursuant to the Act of April 20, 2004 on individual pension accounts and individual pension security accounts) solely to customers who have concluded an agreement with the Bank for such services.

Important Documents

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