Quick Cash in Citi Mobile app

Download the app and get your special Quick Cash (Pożyczka z Karty) offer.

Offer valid till 19.04.2019 and may be repeated in the future.

Offer eligibility depends on availability of unused credit card limit.

Download the Citi Mobile app

Don’t worry about the fee!

  • Online offer available for new customers
  • Interest rate 9%, commission 0%
  • Payment in 12 or 24 monthly installments
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Flexi Loan

Flexibility to manage your loan as you want it.

Apply for a loan without having to leave your home and with minimum of formalities.


Spend your free time the way you like.

  • Consolidation loan - repay one, smaller installment payment instead of many.
  • Loan for up to PLN 150 000 for up to 10 years.
  • Possibility to get new, additional cash.

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Bank Loans - Citi Handlowy

Create space for your dreams – mortgage products

Solutions for those who want to buy a property.

  • Home Loan
  • Refinancing Loan
  • Home Equity Loan
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Gotówka z Karty Kredytowej - Citi Handlowy

Borrow from your credit card limit

Do it yourself! With no additional credit checks or income statements. Simply borrow funds from your available credit card limit and repay in even 60 installment payments. Fast and easy!

Offer for selected Citi Handlowy credit card holders.

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Produkty Hipoteczne - Citi Handlowy

Convenient Installments

The Komfort Installment Repayment Plan allows you to split your payments of over PLN 100.00 into convenient equal installments.

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Gotówka z Karty Kredytowej - Citi Handlowy

Overdraft Limit Credit Line in the Payment Account

Overdraft Limit Credit Line in the Payment Account is a simple way to make sure you always have access to extra money in your personal account. No collateral or guarantors required. You can access the funds whenever you need them in a number of ways, including fund transfers, debit card payments and ATM cash withdrawals.

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Credit Basics

Find out how to use your credit wisely.

Credits - Citi Handlowy

Credit basics

A consumer loan is a convenient and friendly way to finance your current needs. It comes in a few forms. Understanding how different types of credit work will help you use it wisely.

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Loans & Credits - Citi Handlowy

Use your credit wisely

Once you have signed your credit agreement, you begin to build a credit history. Following a few simple tips will help you maintain a positive credit history and get a new loan in the future.

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Easy Loan Process - Citi Handlowy

Be Protected

Once you have decided to apply and sign the agreement with the lending institution, make sure that the personal details, pricing and other terms and conditions that you have earlier agreed on are correctly stated in all the documents. It is also worth learning about how the product can be used safely.

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Check if you can pay one, lower payment instead of many with Consolidation Loan. EIR: 10,67% Check

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