Citi Handlowy - Loans and Credits - How does credit work - How to choose the best credit

Find out about how much credit you can afford

The first step to using credit wisely is figuring out how much credit you can afford to take on. Take a detailed look at your financial situation to determine how much money you are left with after paying your bills, other loans and other fixed costs. Then, figure out how much credit you can afford.

Tips for good credit

After you have decided on the type of credit you need and how much you can afford, follow these steps for maintaining a good credit history.

  • Shop around for the best credit terms.
  • Understand the terms of the agreement before you accept a loan or credit card.
  • Save money each payday for emergencies.
  • Set a monthly limit for charges and stick to it.
  • Shop as carefully with credit as you do with cash.
  • Pay bills on time.
  • Keep credit card information in a safe place.
  • Keep copies of your sales slips and compare the charges when bills arrive. If there's a mistake, call your issuer right away.
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