Citi Handlowy - Loans and Credits - Overdraft

Revolving loan

With this type of loan, any inflow into your account repays the debt and you can redraw the money again up to your credit limit

0% up to any 7 days

If you’ll be using the overdraft for up to any 7 calendar days in a month, you won’t pay any interest charges – the overdraft interest rate will be 0%.

PLN 0 fee in the first year

The overdraft fee for the first year of use is PLN 0. The fee in the next years will be:

CitiKonto Accounts

  • 1.75% of the limit amount, no less than PLN 50

Citi Priority, Citigold, Citigold Private Clients

  • 1% of the limit amount, no less than PLN 50


Effective interest rate of 9.11% p.a. assuming that the total loan amount (without the credit costs financed) is PLN 9,000; total payable amount is PLN 9,131.56; variable nominal interest is 8.75% p.a.; total cost of credit – PLN 131.56 (including interest amount of PLN 131.56, Personal Account maintenance monthly fee of PLN 0, funds transfer fee of PLN 0 and ATM cash withdrawal fee of PLN 0). This calculation was made as of April 18th, 2017 based on a representative example. Lending period – 3 months.

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