Citi Handlowy - Safety

Basic security tips

World-class security standards, multi-level authorization features, 24/7 system monitoring by our expert security staff – providing you with the highest level of security when banking online is our top priority. However please beware that your online security depends also on you!

Enable firewalls

Enable firewalls that keep unwanted connections from accessing your data, install anti-virus protection software and ensure your operating system and Internet browser are up-to-date.

Beware of phishing e-mails

Do not reply to e-mails where you are asked to provide your personal data or passwords. Inform us immediately of all cases of this sort.

Do not disclose your confidential data

Do not disclose your card numbers, usernames or passwords to anybody. They should always be memorized and not recorded/written down anywhere. If you need to write them down, make this information encrypted, preventing others from accessing it.

Save passwords

Do not store your passwords in files stored on your computer.

Card number and PIN

Do not keep your PIN, E-PIN or CitiPhone PIN together with your card number.

Card information security

Do not reveal the information stated on your credit card such as its expiry date and the last 3 digits of the credit card number.

SMS authorization

When using SMS service, always make sure that the last digits of the beneficiary’s account number correspond to the account number stated in the activating SMS.

PIN security

Before you start using your PIN, E-PIN or CitiPhone PIN, make sure that nobody has accessed them before.

Strong passwords

Use strong passwords and PINS (e.g. never use your birthday date for your password) and change them regularly.

Suspicious links and attachments

Never open any suspicious links or attachments sent to you via e-mail, SMS or MMS.

Suspicion of loss or interception of the sign-in data

If you suspect or know that your sign-in data have been lost or intercepted, please contact the Bank immediately via Citi Phone (+48 22) 692 20 90 to block access to your account.

Lose a device

If you lose a device which you use for online banking, immediately contact the Bank using the CitiPhone at (+48) 22 692 20 90.

Additional security

World-class security standards, multi-level authorization features, 24/7 system monitoring by our expert security staff – providing you with the highest level of security when banking online is our top priority. However please beware that your online security depends also on you!

Use of Citibank® Online and Citi Mobile® requires the use of appropriate software that will enable you to access Citibank Online and Citi Mobile, including:

  • having access to a computer or other device with an operating system supporting updated versions of popular Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • enabling cookies and javascript support (configuration guide is available here),
  • enabling TSL 1.0 and 1.1 support
  • having Acrobat Reader software version 9.0 or later installed for PDF support
  • transfer to / from external network (for single station) min. 128 kbs (512 kbs recommended)
  • open ports http (80) and https (443).

Before you log on to Citibank Online:

We protect our website with VeriSign Secure Site certificate that covers:, and Extended Validation SSL certificates trigger the browser address bar in high-security browsers to change to a green color.
In case of any doubts as to the authenticity of the certificate, please check for the following:

  • certificate issued for
  • certificate issued by Symantec Class 3 EV SSL CA - G3
  • certificate valid from October 29, 2015 through December 6, 2017
  • owner: Citigroup Inc.
  • fingerprint (SHA1) ee e4 43 5c 66 ed 7c c7 cb 67 bd 00 da 99 56 a3 e9 62 e9 1d

If the information provided on the certificate varies from this stated above, please contact Citibank Online (technical support) on (+48 22) 692 20 90.

Make sure your anti-virus protection software and firewall are active.

If you spot any unusual or suspicious activity, immediately inform us of this fact
(+48 22) 692 20 90.

Do not access electronic banking using unknown and improperly secured connections (e.g. public Wi-Fi networks).

When you log on to Citibank Online:

Remember that in order to log on to the system you will be asked to enter only your user name and password – if you are asked to provide other information on the logon screen, please contact us immediately on (+48 22) 692 20 90.
Do not bank online on public Wi-Fi networks (net cafe, library, etc.).
Make sure that nobody sees your user name or password when you are logging on to the system.
Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged in to Citibank Online.
When you have finished your online banking session, always remember to properly log out before you close the browser window.

Safety of your money

Safety of your computer


Recently there have been many phishing incidents reported targeting online banking users. The incidents aim to obtain sensitive information such as your bank account usernames, passwords or your card credentials. Criminals are sending scam emails claiming that you have been locked out of your account due to, e.g. unauthorized use of your bank account. They try to trick you into clicking a link that will take you to a phishing site controlled by the fraudster, enabling them to steal security details that can be used to access the victim’s bank account online. If you ever receive such email, please contact us immediately.

Please remember that Citi Handlowy will never ask you for the following via an email or text message:

  • to provide sensitive information such as your logon details, one-off text message authorization codes, your card credentials, PINs or your mobile phone details (such as your phone number, brand or device model);
  • to install/update your software or security certificates on your computer/phone.

We advise you to carefully read any text messages received from the bank and verify the text message information against the details of the transaction that you are making using online banking or mobile apps. This refers to both, one-time text message authorization codes where you should carefully verify the transaction details, as well as information messages. Should you have any doubts, please contact us immediately.

In order to ensure peace of mind for our clients, we are continually improving our online banking security measures. Recently, we have implemented a new security tool that will ensure your information is kept as secure as possible online: in the event of a failed logon attempt, you will be automatically informed of this fact via a text message. If you are not sure if the logon attempt was made by you, please start your antivirus software scan and change your username and password.

Safety of your money

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