Step 1
Step 2
Investment term
Step 3
Strike Rate
Step 4
Interest Rate
Step 5
Possible scenarios


• The Minimum Investment
Amount is PLN 30,000 or its
equivalent in other currency.

• Dual Currency Investment may be opened in PLN, EUR, USD, GBP or CHF, including the Alternate Currency. For the purpose of this simulation, the Base Currency is PLN and the Alternate Currency is EUR or USD.

Choose the currency pair

Choose which currency of the chosen pair you would like to make your initial investment in (Base Currency). The Base Currency is expected to depreciate against the other currency of the chosen pair called the Alternate Currency. For example, you decide that you want to invest PLN 100,000.

Your base currency
Choose your alternate currency

You choose USD. You expect PLN
to depreciate against USD.

You choose EUR. You expect PLN
to depreciate against EUR.