Discover a new method of authorizing transactions
– Citi Mobile Token.

Mobile authorization means confirming an operation/transaction by mobile application, instead of a code sent via text message. Mobile authorization in our bank is carried out by Citi Mobile Token.


Activate a Citi Mobile Token service even today and securely authorize your transactions.

How to activate the Citi Mobile Token service in 3 easy steps?
1. Click on “Zarządzaj Citi Mobile® Token” (Manage Citi Mobile® Token) in Citi Mobile Application settings.
2. Confirm an activation of the service with a one-time code received by text message.
3. Create your own and unique code (6 digits) – Citi Mobile Token PIN, which from now on will be used for mobile authorization.


Citi Mobile Token improves security of online transactions by ensuring safe authorization with two factors:

something that only you know (Citi Mobile Token PIN) and something that only you have (mobile phone) – to make sure that you are the only person who can access your account.

When to use a Citi Mobile Token service?

Transactions in Citi Mobile
To authorize the transaction in Citi Mobile Application by Citi Mobile Token, enter a Citi Mobile Token PIN.
Transaction in Citibank Online
To confirm the transaction in Citibank Online with the Citi Mobile Token function, click on a Citi Mobile Token icon on the logging-in screen, then enter your 6-digit Citi Mobile Token PIN. The one-time code will be displayed on the screen – enter it in Citibank Online.
Online transactions
Soon, we will offer the possibility to use Citi Mobile Token for making online card payments. For the time being, the method of online transactions authorization does not change.

Citi Mobile® Token service is an alternative to an already known method of one-time codes send via text message. The possibility to authorize transactions by one-time codes send via text message is still available. When can the transaction be authorized by Citi Mobile Token PIN and when by one-time code send via text message? Check it in “Frequently asked questions”.


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