Discover completely new features for credit cards in Citi Mobile® App, thanks to which you will have more time for your closest ones - managing your finance will only take a moment!

Fast and convenient – manage your credit card as you want it.

We are continuously working on offering you more services through mobile banking.
The latest update of the Citi Mobile application comes with the new features dedicated to our credit cards. Manage your finances via the application the way you like it and no matter where you are.


With personalization of information, key features have become even more intuitive – you can quickly check your debt balance, your last transaction and funds available on your card.


Enjoy financial freedom and convert credit card transactions over PLN 100 into installments with just one click – quick and convenient whenever you want (EIR: 10,47%)


Gain access to statements in PDF for the last 12 months - thanks to efficient search engine and easy to use filter module you will quickly find the transaction you are looking for.


With the possibility to set up or change your PIN in the application, you always have access to your money. Also, you can log in with your fingerprint or Face ID (iOS) and enjoy even quicker and more secure access to the app.


Just one click is enough to check all the benefits of your card: points balance, discounts with Partners, special offers and unique surprises.

All to let you enjoy every moment to the fullest

Citi Mobile Application – and you can do much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Citi Mobile® app have a new look?

Since the launch of the Citi Mobile® app, we have been consistently collecting reviews and suggestions from its users - our clients. On this basis, we have created a new interface to manage your credit cards that puts you and your needs in the first place.
The information available in the Citi Mobile® app is now better personalized and the key functionalities are more intuitive. Now, using the Citi Mobile® app will be faster and will deliver the best mobile experience.

What functionalities does the new version of Citi Mobile® app come with?

The new version of Citi Mobile® enables you to manage your credit card faster and easier:

  • Activate a new credit card as soon as you receive it and get the most out of it
  • Set and change PINs to all your credit cards
  • Take advantage of offers and rewards prepared specially for you
  • Convert non-cash transactions above 100 PLN made with your credit card into convenient installments
  • Convert chosen part of the Statement amount into installments
  • Use a Quick cash option in online process
  • Get access to the PDF statements including transaction history up to the last 12 months
We are constantly working on further improvements. Get started with the new interface and share your experience with us!

Why is the new version of Citi Mobile® app available only for credit cards?

The new version of Citi Mobile® is launched step by step to deliver the best convenience of Citi Mobile® app. Credit cards are an important product for our customers and therefore we decided the new interface should be introduced for this product in the first place. In 2019, we will continue to roll out the new Citi Mobile® app interface for our other products.

How secure are transactions I make with this new version of Citi Mobile® app?

Your security is always our priority. All services available in the Citi Mobile® app are rigorously and regularly tested before and after the new version is released.
You can rest assured that any transaction you make with our new interface is fully secure.

How can I activate my credit card?

You can activate the credit card in two ways: in the “Cards” or “Settings” tab.
In both tabs, next to/on the card image you will find the option “Activate Now”.
Click on it, then enter the expiration date of your credit card, assign a PIN code and complete your activation by entering SMS code. Once approved, your card will be active.
Please note that the “Activate Now” banner will only be visible for those cards that are not yet active.

Can I report my credit card lost or stolen via Citi Mobile® app?

No, it is not possible to report a lost or stolen credit card via the Citi Mobile® app.
To report a lost or stolen card log in to Citibank Online. Click the tab “Services and Profile”-> Manage cards -> Select the card you want to report -> Manage your card-> Report a lost or stolen card.

How can I make a transfer?

Go to the “Payments” -> Payments &Transfer. Select the credit card/account from which you want to make a transfer, and then select the recipient and the amount you want to transfer. If you are making a transfer to a new recipient, also enter his/her details.
After confirming the data entered and authorizing the transaction with SMS code (only for new recipients), the transfer will be executed.

How can I repay my credit card?

You can pay off your credit card in two ways - 1) in “Payments” tab -> Pay to card or 2) in “Card”s tab -> by clicking on the gray bar with credit card statement information -> Pay. Select the amount you want to pay, check/modify payment details, and then make the payment by clicking on “Pay”.
Please note that the credit card payment via Citi Mobile® may only be made if you have a personal bank account at our bank.

Important information

Representative example for Equal Payment Plan “Komfort” on Citibank Credit Card. Actual Effective Annual Interest Rate (EIR) at 10.47%, total loan amount (excluding financed costs) PLN 400.00, total amount for repayment PLN 421.55, variable interest rate 10.00%, total cost of credit PLN 21.55 (including: commission PLN 0.00, interest PLN 21.55, monthly fee PLN 0.00), 12 equal monthly installments of PLN 35.17. Calculation done as of March 05, 2019 based on representative example (calculation includes annual fee of PLN 0 for the main card issuing and usage).

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